ECER conference 2012: Ten Years After… or ICT in Czech basic schools (2001-2011)

14.9.2012 - Zprávy

The paper focuses on the story told by quantitative data on ICT in Czech basic schools. The results suggest that thanks to the State Policy for Information in Education, all schools in the Czech Republic have been equipped with ICT tools (even though the scope and quality may differ).

Data analysis however shows that students and teachers have largely access to dated technology (especially PCs), which may pose a barrier to ICT use in class. It also turns out that although a high share of teachers has undergone ICT training, only a few of them have also received training in the didactics of modern technology use.

It is worth noticing which percentage of PCs in schools is situated in special PC rooms dedicated to ICT technologies – such rooms have become one of the key elements schools use to forge their reputations. The author uses available data to show that the role of PC rooms in schools is ambiguous: they may even hinder the use of ICT in schools in some cases.