Study: Education and the Czechoslovak Form of Perestroika (1987–1989): Analysis, Criticism, and Planned Reforms in the Context of Ideology and Crisis

17.11.2021 - Zprávy

The study is one of the first results of the research project Post-socialist Transformation of Czech Primary Schools – Processes, Stories, Dilemmas (funded by the Czech Science Foundation, grant no. 20-11275S).

The text of the study is available here (in Czech).


The authors focus on the educational reform proposals in the context of the perestroika policy in Czechoslovakia. They analyze mainly the archive sources reflecting the ongoing issues of the educational system from the state power perspective. Problems with applying the united school policy led to conducting several analyzes of the educational system and subsequent preparation of the schooling law amendments. The study follows a balance between communist ideology and practical issues of schooling, which limited possibilities to effectively push more fundamental reforms. The authors also reflect possible parallels with the post-socialist transformation (e.g., in efforts to the decentralization of school management). The most recent perspective of contemporary history focuses just on possible continuities – authors deepen it concerning education and try to answer the question of whether proposed reforms could be successful (while is taken account of the parallels abroad).