Research project: Multimodal learning analytics to study self-regulated learning processes within learning management systems (2021-2024)

20.5.2021 - Zprávy


The research project focuses on the exploration of the self-regulated learning (SRL) processes and strategies followed by university students while studying within a learning management system (LMS). The project is based on a multimodal approach to the collection and analysis of data, aiming to combine different data collection techniques in order to capture various modalities through which students can learn within LMS. Specifically, four data types will be used in this project: data on student behaviour in LMS (logs), data from questionnaires focusing on various dimensions of SRL, qualitative data capturing the content of learning activities and materials in LMS, and data from an experiment focused on tracking student eye movements while studying in LMS. The process-oriented analytical techniques will play a dominant role in the data analysis. The project will contribute to the improvement of current methods and theoretical models of SRL in LMS. The main outputs of the project are six articles in top international scientific journals.