A book about the post-socialist transformation of Czech primary schools (in Springer)

26.5.2024 - Moje knihy (My Books), Post-socialistická transformace základních škol – procesy, příběhy, dilemata (výzkum, 2020-2022), Zprávy

We have published the book (Post)Socialist Transformation of Primary Schools: Processes, Stories and Challenges in the Czech Republic (2024).
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The book is the result of ten years of research!

This book addresses the transformation of primary education in the former Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic) after the fall of the communist regime in 1989. It follows the overall transformation of education and school policy and offers original insights into the everyday life of the schools at that time. It also provides a unique perspective on the whole transformation process. The work discusses the school environment in the context of specific local characteristics, such as parents, community, regional institutions, and national and international contexts.

The book specifically focuses on the changes in primary school management in terms of economics, organization, and personnel. The processes of pedagogical change are an essential theme of the book. They cover how teachers proceeded through the changes in their work at the time of the transformation and the reasons for their resistance to change, including the challenges that the transformation introduced into their work and personal lives. The book also monitors how the teachers navigated the selection and use of new textbooks and tools, such as digital tools.

The work originates in historical-pedagogical research, based primarily on the oral history method and complemented by the study of contemporary documents.